This printable Spanish vocabulary game is a fun way for kids to review words in different thematic categories.

Category games in Spanish are a fun way to practice vocabulary. I play several games that review vocabulary by grouping words in different ways. I call the printable Spanish vocabulary game below Nombra 3. You can find a free download of 70 game cards at the end of the post.

Spanish teachers want parents to know they care about learning and the child.

I think I have one of the best jobs in the world, and the other Spanish teachers I know feel the same way. Of course, nothing is perfect, and one of the things that I would like is more time and ways to communicate with parents. These are a few of the ideas I try to share with parents on…

Cinco Books offers authentic language Spanish books for schools and families.

Cinco Books is making fabulous children’s titles from Spanish-speaking countries available in the United States. At Spanish Playground, we believe children’s literature plays an essential role in building language skills and communicating culture. We are thrilled Cinco Books has Spanish books for schools and families, and for both heritage speakers and language learners.

A collection of Spanish days of the week activities including songs, poems, books, and printable calendars.

Learning the days of the week in Spanish helps children talk about their activities and schedules. The easiest way for teachers to present the days is with daily calendar time, but many of us have class only once or twice a week. Here are a few Spanish days of the week activities that you can adapt to your class schedule…

Practice body parts and clothes vocabulary by matching descriptions to pictures in this Spanish snowman activity.

This Spanish snowman activity is a fun way to practice body parts, clothes and winter vocabulary. The printable pages have 12 picture cards of snowmen and a short description card for each picture. Download the free activity at the end of the post.

A collection of Spanish langauge gifts for children and teachers.

Spanish language gifts keep kids excited about learning. New books, games, music and toys are motivational, and they are also important tools as we try to expose children to as much Spanish as possible.  Of course, Spanish teachers love quality learning products as much as kids! This list has Spanish language gifts for children of different ages and levels, and…