Resources for teaching kids Spanish city vocabulary with videos, photos, songs and games.

Teaching about our communities can include a wide range of language. For example, we often teach Spanish city vocabulary with means of transportation, giving directions or professions and community helpers. The resources below focus on places in the cities and are useful in combination with any of those topics.

Parents can use these strategies to help children learning to read in Spanish.

Frequently parents ask me how to help their children who are learning to read in Spanish. They wonder what to do when their kids come to words they can’t read. There are specific strategies children can use as they are learning to read in Spanish.

Recommended multicultural books from the Read Around the World summer series.

I am sharing Maya’s Blanket / La manta de Maya as a part of the Read Around the World Summer Reading Series. The series is sponsored by Multicultural Kid Blogs. It is an opportunity to discover multicultural books for kids and share our favorites with parents and teachers. In addition to being an enchanting story, Maya’s Blanket / La manta de…

These 15 types of texts give children Spanish reading practice with different vocabulary and formats.

Reading different kinds of text in Spanish helps kids develop vocabulary and understand the different ways we use language.  The 15 types of text below can all be good Spanish reading practice. Print the reading challenge below and encourage kids to read new things in Spanish.

A variety of ways that kids can learn language with Spanish song lyrics.

Kids can build reading fluency, learn vocabulary and become familiar with many grammar structures by reading Spanish song lyrics. Like all reading, what songs are right for your child depends on level and background. Fortunately, there is excellent music in Spanish for everyone!

These tips will help parents who are motivating kids to read to keep up Spanish skills.

As part of the Spanish summer reading program, we are sharing a new progress sheet, or reading log. Many kids enjoy making a visible record of the books they have read. So, a log is one way of recognizing achievement and motivating kids to read. Below you will find more suggestions for motivating kids to read in Spanish. The new…