Activities and printable lyrics for the song Un elefante se balanceaba.

Un elefante se balanceaba is one of the best known Spanish children’s songs. It is a counting song and the rhyme helps children learn the words. With each verse, children add another elephant to the web. Below you’ll find lyrics, videos and activities for Un elefante se balanceaba. Un Elefante Se Balanceaba Lyrics Like most traditional children’s songs, there are…

A Spanish word of the day with two ordering activities for kids.

Breaking language learning into manageable, enjoyable pieces is essential to acquiring Spanish. In addition, learners need consistent exposure to the language. The Spanish Word of the Day from OnlineFreeSpanish has both these features. It provides learners with entertaining online language activities, one day and one word at a time. Also, like all of the content on OnlineFreeSpanish, it is free!

Spanish gifts for kids and teachers keep everyone motivated and having fun with language!

New Spanish language books, games, music or toys are excellent gifts for kids. Speaking and learning a language is fun, and we want it to stay that way. Spanish gifts for kids keep them motivated and engaged. Of course, Spanish teachers love quality language products as much as kids! This list has language gifts for a variety of ages and…

Use this Spanish Christmas countdown as a fun language activity in December.

Families count the days to Christmas in dozens of creative ways, from unwrapping Christmas books to doing Christmas activities. In the spirit of adding a little more Spanish to December, I encourage you to try this easy Spanish Christmas countdown.

LEGO challenge cards in Spanish are an engaging reading task for kids learning the language.

LEGO bricks are an amazingly versatile and entertaining toy. They appeal to a wide range of ages, and teachers successfully incorporate the building toy into activities related to many subjects. These LEGO challenge cards in Spanish give kids a fun, hands-on way to engage with the language. You can download the cards at the end of the post.

Children learn house vocabulary in Spanish with a magnetic board and printable task cards.

I’m always looking for toys and games to support literacy, so you can imagine how excited I am about this magnetic board for learning house vocabulary in Spanish. This is a wonderful hands-on learning tool, and it makes an excellent gift for learners or teachers!