Read in Spanish and then share the story using these ideas.

When children tell someone about a story, describe a character, or say why they like a book, it helps them understand the story better and remember the language. Visualizing and retelling are excellent ways of thinking about a story. That is what children do when they read in Spanish and then share the book with others.

Summer Spanish can be an enjoyable way for kids to improve skills.

We like to think of summer as a time to slow down, but families are busy all year long. Summer days are full of swimming lessons and soccer, play practice and piano lessons. Whatever activities your kids are fortunate enough to enjoy, you want them to develop their Spanish skills up as well. Try these low-pressure ways to make summer…

Parents can use these 15 easy activities to help kids reading in Spanish engage with books.

It is important for kids reading in Spanish to have fun. We also want them to engage with the language and story to improve their reading skills. If reading is enjoyable, kids will keep reading. If they think about what they read, they will learn more and read better.

These two Spanish poems for summer nights help children learn the rhythm and sound of the language.

Douglas Wright writes short poems for children. Many of them are at a perfect level for language learners. His poetry revolves around daily experiences as children interact with the natural world. Kids will relate to these two poems about night. I love Spanish poems for summer reading!

The Spanish summer reading program 2016 encourages kids to read and keep up their language skills.

We’re excited to kick off our Spanish Summer Reading Program 2016! Parents and teachers, we hope you will join us to keep kids reading and playing in Spanish this summer.

Bilingual board books are an excellent way to introduce toddlers to Spanish.

Board books are the best way to get little hands holding books. With focused text and illustrations that support the language, they are perfect for young language learners. These Spanish-English bilingual board books will engage your child and build language skills from the minute you start to read.