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These printable Spanish questions and pictures are an excellent activity for language learners. They are part of Una preguntita, a continually growing collection of questions that encourage kids to draw on information they know to understand Spanish. These questions in Spanish are great for board games, classroom games or just asking for fun.

This set of Spanish questions is based on simple pictures. Kids listen to the question and identify which of the four pictures is the answer. Children can often answer the question by pointing or circling, even if they do not have the vocabulary to produce an answer. These questions are intended to be asked orally, but you can also give the kids questions to read. The link to the printable Spanish questions and pictures is at the end of this post.

spanish questions for kids 7

Although some words in the questions will be new, kids use their prior knowledge as context to understand and answer. You can find a more complete explanation of using knowledge as context here, along with suggestions for using the questions. The category Spanish Questions for Kids has additional question sets. Be sure to check back for more as the collection grows.

Kids can answer most of the questions in this set by pointing to and saying the name of an object. Two of the questions ask ¿Cuántos…? (How many…?) about the picture and are answered with a number. If children are marking their answers on the sheet, they can simply write the number beside the picture.

There are 12 Spanish questions, one for each row of pictures. You can easily make additional questions for the other pictures. These are the questions on the printable PDF.

1. ¿Cuál de estos objetos se lleva en la cabeza? (el sombrero)
2. ¿Cuál de estas figuras sale de noche y es un satélite natural de la Tierra? (la luna)
3. ¿Cuántas ventanas se ven en la casa? (4)
4. ¿Cuál de los números es un número par? (18)
5. ¿Cuál de los dibujos es un órgano del cuerpo y un símbolo del amor? (el corazón)
6. ¿Cuál de los objetos se usa para no mojarse en la lluvia? (el paraguas)
7. Se necesita este objeto para jugar al fútbol. ¿Cuál es? (el balón/la pelota)
8. Usamos este objeto para abrir una puerta. ¿Cuál es? (la llave)
9. ¿Cuántos pétalos tiene la flor? (6)
10. ¿Cuál de estos objetos tiene forma de cubo? (el dado)
11. ¿Cuál de estas letras no tiene líneas curvas? (la M)
12. Una de estas cosas se puede comer. ¿Cuál es? (el helado)

Link to Printable Spanish Questions with Pictures

Spanish Questions with Pictures – Una Preguntita 7


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