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I want to thank Spanish Playground reader Kelli for sharing this great resource! These video Spanish lessons are offered free online on Instant Replay, part of the South Carolina Educational Portal that offers on-demand, curriculum-based streaming video from South Carolina ETV (Educational Television) and the S.C. Department of Education/ITV. These lessons are an introduction to Spanish for young learners. They were designed for elementary schools that do not have a language teacher. There are six series, each with 10 video lessons:

1. First Step Español
2. First Step Español Again
3. Next Step Español
4. Next Step Español Again
5. Another Step Español
6. Another Step Español Again

Each video lesson is about 15 minutes long. The “again” series are follow-up lessons that use the same themes as the original lessons. The focus of the videos is exposure to the spoken language, so almost all of the lesson is in Spanish.

Use this link to reach the list of series – Spanish video. Click on the series to reach the ten video lessons.

There are lesson plans available as pdfs for the First Step Español and Next Step Español series. These lessons were developed to be used by classroom teachers who have little or no knowledge of the language. The plans have vocabulary, cultural information, follow-up activities and supplemental activities.
You can access the lesson plans at these links:
First Step Español
Next Step Español

A link to the pdf is also available under the video, but in the very first lesson (Lesson 1 of First Step Español) the German lesson plan is attached by mistake. You can reach the lesson plan for that lesson using the link above.

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