Images of two scenes from Spanish conversation videos.

I’ve spent a lot of time looking for easy Spanish conversation videos for my students. Specifically, I look for short, class-appropriate videos with natural conversations that I can use with novice learners. Unfortunately, they are very hard to find!

My granddaughter is 13 months old now. I take care of her for her busy lawyer parents, so baby books in Spanish have been a big part my days since last summer.

Shows the exercises and a sceen from the video to teach Spanish plant vocabulary.

Las plantas is a short video conversation about plants in Spanish. Juan and Pamela talk about planting seeds to introduce Spanish plant vocabulary. Watch the video and try the listening comprehension questions below.

The image shows 2 of 4 Spanish choice boards.

We still don’t know what the fall of 2020 will look like in terms of Spanish learning at school, but whether it’s remote, in the classroom or a combination, it will be easier if we keep children engaged with the language now. These Spanish choice boards are one way to get a little language into your child’s day.

Shows geograpy relevant to Spanish lessons on Central America

Forest Resener is the Communications and Operations Director for StoveTeam International, a nonprofit organization that has provided over 76,300 improved cookstoves in Central America. He created four free online lessons about Central America for Spanish levels 2 and up. He writes about the unit below.

Shows the board for the go fish spanish card game

Encuentra los animales is a printable Go Fish Spanish game to practice animals, places and verbs. Players look for animals in different “places” assigned to the people playing. It’s a low-stress, entertaining way to engage with language.