Image lists types of resources availble to learn animals in Spanish such as printable activities, songs, books, games and poems.

Animals are a high-interest way to engage children with language. Below you’ll find favorite activities for kids to learn animals in Spanish.  Whether children are learning farm animal vocabulary or learning about the animals of the rain forest, living creatures introduce them to culture and language. Pets and farm animals connect to daily routines, emotions, and appear in many children’s…

Image of two actors from the video used in the Spanish listening exercises.

En un restaurante is a short video conversation about choosing food to order in a Mexican restaurant. With this video students learn food vocabulary in Spanish, how to talk about being hungry and thirsty and how to order in a restaurant. Watch the video and try the Spanish listening exercises below. The PDF is a free download. In addition, be…

Image of two pages of Spanish fluency strips for elementary language learners.

Spanish fluency strips are a useful, easy-to-make activity for beginning readers. When I make fluency strips, or sentence strips, I relate the sentences to a picture and then turn them into a mini-book. Below you’ll find sets of 3 Spanish fluency strips to make mini-books.

Image of covers of Spanish song books with sound for children.

The Spanish song books with sound from Lufi and Friends hook children on reading and singing in Spanish. What a fabulous way to learn language!

Image of the actors in the Spanish story video.

Stories are an extremely effective way to learn language, so we have created a series of short Spanish video stories for beginners. The Spanish story video we feature in this post is La sobrina. The narration of the story is in the present tense, and you’ll find a free set of activities to download below.

Image of Spanish animal cards in the free download.

I love talking about animals with Spanish learners because the kids have so much to say. Picture cards make it easy to do different activities related to animals. Below you’ll find two free sets of Spanish animal cards that you can use for all kinds of games, language practice and creative fun.